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BorgWarner will supply gearbox for electric car

Automotive News reports on BorgWarner's contract to supply transmissions for the Coda electric sedan.

Automotive News

DETROIT--BorgWarner will supply its eGearDrive transmission to the Coda electric sedan, scheduled for U.S. introduction in California in mid-2010.

The sedan also will have a PowerPhase 100 electric propulsion system supplied by UQM Technologies, which makes brushless, permanent-magnet electric motors.

BorgWarner, of suburban Detroit, initially plans to supply the transmissions from its factory in Longview, Texas, to an assembly plant in China, spokeswoman Erika Nielsen said. Eventually, the company may supply the transmissions from its factory in Beijing as volumes and the business case warrant, she said.

BorgWarner's production will start in July, and Coda Automotive will start production around August, Nielsen said.

Coda, of Santa Monica, Calif., was launched in June as an offshoot of Miles Electric Vehicles, which makes neighborhood electric vehicles for fleets.

Coda said Chinese automaker Harbin Hafei Automotive will provide the $45,000 sedan's chassis and assemble the car in Harbin, China. Lithium ion battery packs will come from China's Tianjin Lishen Battery.

BorgWarner makes engine air management systems, transmissions, and all-wheel-drive systems.

(Source: Automotive News)