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Bond gets his Bentley back

In a new James Bond book by Jeffery Deaver, the British secret agent returns to his roots, driving a Bentley.

Bentley Continental GT
Deaver, author of Carte Blanche, does not look exactly like James Bond, even when standing by a Bentley Continental GT. Bentley

Fans of James Bond movies may think of the British secret agent as driving Aston Martins and BMWs, but the literary James Bond originally drove a Bentley. Now Bentley is boasting the return of James Bond to the brand.

In a new book titled "Carte Blanche," James Bond drives a Bentley Continental GT. The car offers Bond plenty of power with its twin-turbo 6-liter W12. Bentley says that the "interior contains all the high-tech gadgetry Bond could ever need." Although the Bentley offers an excellent Naim stereo system, Bond probably needs more than music to avert international disasters.

Maybe Bentley is offering a special Q option package for 00 agents. We're thinking tracking devices to follow enemy agents with, machine guns that pop up from the hood, and rockets launching from the grille.

"Carte Blanche" is penned by Jeffery Deaver, as James Bond outlived his creator, Ian Fleming. The book comes out on May 26.