Bollinger's B2 Chassis Cab can cost as much as $100,000

The company announced pricing for its work truck platforms and added new drivetrains into the mix.

The B2 Chassis Cab and Chass-E work platforms will be available in a dual-rear-wheel setup.

EV truck startup Bollinger announced pricing for its commercial B2 Chassis Cab during NTEA's Work Truck Week on Friday, along with details of its Chass-E platform. The company also revealed that its commercial offerings will be available with rear-wheel drive and dual-rear-wheel drive in addition to all-wheel drive. 

The B2CC is the same platform that underpins the B1 and B2 consumer vehicles, except that the rear part of the frame is open to receive towing equipment, delivery structures and other work platforms. It will be available in two- or four-door variants and with a variety of wheelbase lengths. Companies can snag a rear-wheel-drive unit for $70,000, a dually is $72,500 and the all-wheel-drive version costs $100,000.

The Chass-E, meanwhile, is just the B2CC platform minus the cab. This allows for the utmost in customization and Bollinger anticipates it being used for delivery vehicles, rescue trucks and in various military applications. The company briefly mentioned selling the Chass-E for kit cars, which could be extremely cool. Rear-wheel-drive platforms will go for $55,000, a dual-rear-wheel setup is $57,500 and the all-wheel-drive version costs $80,000.

The B2 Chassis Cab allows customers to tailor their work truck to their needs.


Both the B2CC and the Chass-E are rated for Class 3 duties, meaning vehicles with a gross weight rating between 10,001 and 14,000 pounds. These setups will also be available with either a 105-kilowatt-hour or 140-kWh battery. They can accept Level 3 CSS fast charging, as well. The chassis has 15 inches of ground clearance thanks to portal gears, 10 inches of wheel travel and the rear-wheel-drive options get a solid rear axle. All-wheel-drive variants have an independent rear suspension. The B2CC and Chass-E can tow at least 7,500 pounds, and have a payload capacity of at least 5,000 pounds.

Bollinger didn't release information on range and power for these different drivetrains, but we know that the all-wheel-drive platform with an electric motor in the front and rear can deliver 200 miles of range and 668 pound-feet of torque. Deliveries for the B2CC and Chass-E will start in 2022.