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Bollinger B1 SUV, B2 pickup set for September debut

Remember Bollinger? It's ready to take its electric vehicles to prime time.

The Bollinger electric SUV nears.

Bollinger Motors

It's been two years since Bollinger first burst onto the scene with its rugged B1 electric SUV. We heard a bit from the electric-car startup in 2018 after it showed off its B2 electric pickup, but since then, the company's been pretty quiet.

It seems radio silence was simply because the company has been working mighty hard to begin deliveries of its electric vehicles, and now, we know the B1 and B2 will formally debut next month. InsideEVs first reported Sunday that both the electric SUV and pickup truck will debut on Sept. 26. Roadshow confirmed the debut with a Bollinger representative.

However, aside from the debut, we don't have any solid information on what to expect such as prices and full specifications. So far, Bollinger has said both vehicles will offer a 120-kWh lithium-ion battery pack good enough for a 200-mile driving range. The battery will power two electric motors -- one at each axle -- and 360 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque are the quoted power figures.

Although Bollinger made a splash years ago, it seems everyone and their brother have an electric utility vehicle planned. Tesla has long teased a pickup truck; Rivian suck some of Bollinger's oxygen in recent months; Ford has confirmed it will produce a totally electric F-150. In short, Bollinger has its work cut out.

Yet, Bollinger has one thing going for it: these machines look seriously tough. I'd say it's almost like a Land Rover Defender and a Hummer's offspring. Even then, both the B1 and B2 are very minimalist in a good way.

Right now, anyone can reserve a B1 or B2 with no money required. Perhaps Bollinger will open the cash register following its debut to take deposits. Maybe it will announce a production facility. We don't know, but we are excited to see more of these electric utility vehicles.

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