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Bobby Labonte's Crash and Fire at Chicagoland

The second video blog this week dedicated to some of the scariest car fires in modern racing, we see Bobby Labonte spin out in flames as he struggles to escape his burning vehicle.


This week my video blog is dedicated to some of the wildest and scariest car fires in modern racing, and a tribute to the brave men and women who risk their lives driving these dangerous vehicles for us spectators. Today's video comes from a 2003 NASCAR race at Chicagoland in 2003, and features Sprint Cup Series driver Bobby Labonte.

This web video here wastes no time getting to the thick of the action as right at the beginning you can see Labonte's car spinning and smoking as it hits the wall and catches fire. The vehicle rolls backwards, managing to miss most other cars as it careens to a stop near the center of the track. Labonte then struggles to get out of the driver side window, but thankfully manages to escape with not much more than a bruised ego.