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BMW's ReachNow car-sharing program expands, adds more cars

Its latest expansion should now cover about 75 percent of Seattle residents.

ReachNow's sticker is small, which is smart. Nobody wants to drive a rolling billboard around town.


BMW's car-sharing service, ReachNow, got off to a hell of a start last month, picking up some 13,000 subscribers in the Seattle area. Now, I've learned that it's doing so well that it's expanding its reach once again, and throwing some more cars into the mix.

To swallow up as many potential users as possible, ReachNow is extending its Home Area (where you can start and stop car-sharing) to Southeast Seattle, West Seattle and Magnolia. It includes neighborhoods such as Mt. Baker, Beacon Hill, North Admiral and the Junction. It covers about 75 percent of Seattleites now. Of course, you can always drive the car outside this area, but you can't initiate or finish a drive outside of those boundaries.

To meet customer demand, BMW has also infused its ReachNow fleet with 150 additional examples of the new Mini Clubman. While it's still a small car, it has a versatile rear hatch and a few luxury trimmings, which should make car-free hipsters feel a bit more special on that run to Ikea.

BMW's fleet is now 520 vehicles strong. It's more than just a parade of Minis, as well -- ReachNow offers drivers access to the BMW i3, the Mini Hardtop (in two-door and four-door guises) and the BMW 3 Series. Signing up is as easy as downloading the ReachNow app from either the App Store or Google Play.

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