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BMW's Concept X2 is a look at our dystopian, all-crossover future

Sorry, folks, it's all oversized hatchbacks from here on out.

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I will concede -- the front end is rather handsome with its exaggerated conceptual features.


BMW's Concept X2 brings the styling of a coupe to the body of a crossover, which is something the market really loves for some reason.

This isn't the first swoopy-coupe crossover from BMW. The X2, debuting at the Paris Motor Show, is the latest in a long line that started with the X6, then it downsized to the X4.

Even BMW admits the X2 is a wacky thing in its press release: "The design...fuses apparent contradictions into single coherent statement." Coherence is subjective, but I do think the look works.

The front end is similar to many other new BMW concepts, with slim lighting and enlarged kidney grilles. The rear rises up to a rear window that makes the Chevrolet Camaro's cabin seem airy. Naturally, it's lifted up with chunky tires and plenty of body cladding, to give it some off-road cred. 21-inch wheels aren't exactly ready for the dirt, but hey, like BMW said, this thing is full of contradiction.

One thing that's certainly not confusing is BMW's intent to inundate the market with coupe-roof crossovers to either beat the competition to market (in the case of Audi) or match it (in the case of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class). The luxury market continues to grow, and that group's taste for crossovers knows no bounds. This was inevitable, even if it's only a concept for now.

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