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BMW Zagato Coupe: German-engineered, Italian-designed

BMW partnered with Zagato, a historic Italian coach-builder, to create the Zagato Coupe. This one-off design study showcases Zagato's styling with a new take on the BMW Z4.

BMW Zagato Coupe

No, it is not the resurgence of the Axis, but a brilliant partnership showcasing the excellent automotive engineering of BMW and the beautiful design work of Zagato, an Italian automotive coach-builder. Zagato completely redesigned the body and cabin of a Z4, turning the roadster into a stylish coupe for the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, an exclusive automotive show held on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

The Zagato name came up last year in regard to Aston Martin, a partnership that resulted in the V12 Zagato. That limited-run Aston Martin model went for a 1 percenter price of $527,000.

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The BMW Zagato Coupe looks in some ways like a mini version of the Aston Martin, although it retains some signature BMW design elements. The BMW kidney grille retains its shape, but gets inset with little Zs. The front end of the car has a downward cast, similar to the Aston Martin. The sides are heavily sculpted and the fenders gain more prominence over the production Z4.

Unlike the Aston Martin, you will not be able to buy a BMW Zagato Coupe. The vehicle was created as a one-off, demonstrating Zagato's capabilities. Still, it seems like the perfect marriage of engineering and style. We can only hope that BMW will see a business case for a production partnership with Zagato.