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BMW, VW, Chargepoint establish fast-charging corridors on both coasts

The routes cover Portland to San Diego in the west, and Boston to Washington, DC in the east.

Driving down most of the West Coast is now possible without the trip taking as long as it would if you were in a covered wagon.


It's still kind of a pain to take a long road trip in an electric car. Only Tesla's machines are privy to its Supercharger network, and other chargers may not offer fast recharging speeds, making it difficult to travel long distances in little time. Thankfully, a few companies have recognized this issue and built a network of DC fast chargers on both the east and west coasts.

BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint teamed up to build 95 DC fast charging stations up and down both coasts. On the east side, the network spans from Boston, to New York, then down to Philadelphia and Washington, along I-95.

Out west, the corridor includes Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego along I-5 and US-101. The chargers are located close to both cities and entertainment, approximately 50 miles apart, so you have something to do while the cars charge.

Not that you need much time to charge in the first place. These new chargers use DC fast charging, which can provide a majority of the battery's juice in less than a couple hours. It's all about minimizing downtime, which could very well convince more owners to bite the bullet and go electric. All the chargers in these corridors can be found on ChargePoint's app and website, along with BMW and VW's own apps and sites.

The stations are all public, so you won't have to slip somebody a Benjamin to hop on a charger. Being part of the ChargePoint network, you'll need a ChargePoint card or app to get signed up, but you can use BMW's ChargeNow card, as well.