BMW to debut new production car at Pebble Beach, M850i too

While the folks from Munich are keeping mum about what car they're debuting, we're still excited to see the new 8 Series on US soil for the first time.

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is planning on unveiling a brand-new production model at Pebble Beach during Monterey's Car Week next month and we're betting that it's going to be the new Z4, a car that'll share its platform (and probably a lot else) with the forthcoming .

We've seen photos of camouflaged Z4's posted recently on various social media channels and blogs, so it seems like the timing is right and we're pretty excited. Hopefully the new Z4 will be more fun to drive and dynamic than the outgoing model was.

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BMW is also bringing the production version of the M850i Coupe and Concept M8 Gran Coupe to the US for the very first time, something which is also worth getting excited for, provided they can find room on the peninsula for the big M8.

"The will take over as the new flagship model of the BMW lineup and, as such, combines unsurpassed sportiness and elegance," says Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW Group Design. "The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe offers a look ahead to the most exotic and alluring variant of the new BMW 8 Series."

Memes aside, the new 8 Series is a handsome car and it will be good to see it somewhere as picturesque as Pebble Beach in August.

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