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BMW tii concept

BMW shows off its tii concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.


BMW showed an interest in mining its past with the CS concept, first shown at the 2007 Shanghai auto show. The company follows this theme with the tii concept here at the 2007 Tokyo auto show. This concept is based on the very real and very exciting 135i Coupe, BMW's new small car with the very big engine. If the 135i Coupe isn't enough car for you, the tii concept should certainly be. BMW didn't bother to change the engine or interior electronics for the concept, instead opting for some bodywork. The tii gets a lightened load through the use of carbon-fiber body components. Its racing stripe, black across the white car, goes negative when it hits the black hood. We like that BMW brings the tii name back, an extension applied to turbocharged versions of the legendary BMW 2002. But we would like to see round tail lights on this little flivver.

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