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BMW stopped building 6 Series coupes, retains convertibles

Coupes are a hard sell for BMW, it appears.

BMW builds a boatload of different models. You can have a straightforward sedan, or a coupe, or a convertible, or a swoopy-roof sedan that's also a hatchback. It appears that this glut of choices has sent one specific model to the grave, at least temporarily.

For the time being, BMW has halted production of its 6 Series coupe, Road and Track reports, citing a conversation with a BMW spokesperson. BMW will still continue to build the convertible and Gran Coupe (five-door hatchback) variants of the 6 Series, but for now, the proper coupe is done in most markets.

Good night, sweet prince. For now, at least.


The 6 Series turned out to be its own worst enemy in this regard. According to Motor1's sales research, the majority of 6 Series sales went to the Gran Coupe and convertible variants, leaving the coupe behind.

Right now, it's unclear if BMW will swap out the 6 Series with something new. The model is due for a refresh soon, considering BMW just updated the 5 Series sedan. The primary rumor is that the 6 Series coupe -- and perhaps the convertible, as well -- will be replaced with a new 8 Series flagship two-door. While several prototypes have been caught in the wild, BMW has made no mention of its aspirations to revive the 8 Series nameplate.

Even though BMW might be discontinuing the 6 Series coupe, at least one competitor lives on. Mercedes-Benz just rolled out an all-new E-Class coupe, which borrows heavily from the styling of its bigger brother, the S-Class coupe. It's a handsome thing, and it's proof that luxury automakers haven't abandoned the midsize-to-large luxury coupe just yet.

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