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BMW seeks partner for hybrid batteries

Automotive News reports on BMW's efforts to build an electric car.

Automotive News

Automotive News

MUNICH--BMW is searching for a technology partner for its hybrid car batteries, said Klaus Draeger, the company's head of research and development.

"We are studying the battery market to see where to get the best cell technology for our mega city vehicle," Draeger said at a news conference. A decision about BMW's battery partner will be made within a year, he said.

"We are examining the products of Korean suppliers like LG Chem, and we are talking to Japanese suppliers as well as U.S.-based suppliers like A123 Systems Inc.," Draeger said.

BMW is working on a small car targeted at major population centers. The city car, scheduled to arrive between 2010 and 2015, will be launched in electric and internal combustion engine versions.

(Source: Automotive News)