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BMW represents at 2010 Detroit auto show

Alistair Weaver from Inside Line gives us a summary look at several of the exciting new vehicles BMW brought to the 2010 International Auto Show.

There was a lot of automotive eye candy and information to take in at the recent 2010 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Arena in Detroit, and yesterday's highlight reel clip from Inside Line barely scratched the surface on covering all the exciting new automobiles potentially on the make both domestic and international. Today, I bring you another quality video from Inside Line, but this time we focus on BMW's stand from this year's Detroit auto show and a few of the more interesting cars that the German luxury vehicle manufacturer brought stateside for this big industry event.

Inside Line's Alistair Weaver makes the rounds on BMW's showcase ground at the Detroit auto show, and Bimmer definitely has some head turning tricks up its sleeve. Among the cars given the spotlight in Detroit include the ActiveE Concept (BMW's purportedly all-electric car), the Z4 sDrive35is, and a few more if you're lucky. The interviews with BMW officials are especially helpful in describing the myriad technology and features within each of its new vehicles, and I have to admit that it technology and features are quite impressive. But what else would you expect from BMW?