BMW recalls new 7 Series, temporarily halts sale

The automaker's recalling more than 6,000 of its brand-new luxury sedans over an airbag issue.

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Andrew Krok
Chris Tedesco/BMW North America

When your brand-new, high-end sedan rolls off the production line, you're probably hoping that it doesn't need to return to the dealership any time soon. For BMW 7 Series owners, that hope was quashed this week, as the automaker is recalling its sedan in the US and temporarily stopping its sale, as well.

BMW's calling back 6,110 examples of its 2016 7 Series -- across the 740Li, 750Li and 750Lxi trims -- for an issue related to the airbags. An airbag control module might reset at random, thanks to a short circuit caused by metallic particles. If the car gets into a collision during the module reset, the airbags may not deploy correctly.

The cars, which were built between July 1 and December 11, 2015, require a replacement airbag control module. Since there are affected cars still sitting in dealerships, BMW also issued a stop-sale to prevent any other troublesome cars from landing in owners' hands, Automotive News reports.

The recall kicks off on May 16, but it's unsure how long the stop-sale will last. The fix itself should take approximately four hours at a dealership.

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