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BMW's Competition Package adds power, panache to the M3 and M4

Considering the Bimmer is down on power compared to its biggest rivals, this is a very welcome addition to the options list.

The Competition Package also adds gloss-black finishes to the front grilles, the side gills and the model badge out back.


More often than not, satisfying a need for more horsepower will send most car owners to the aftermarket, which is more than willing to scratch that itch. BMW's a little different, though. If you want to give your M3 or M4 a little more oomph, but you don't want to fiddle around with upgrades that could ruin a warranty, the Competition Package is a solid compromise.

The main feature of the Competition Package -- a $5,500 upgrade for the M3 and M4 Coupe, $5,000 for the M4 Convertible -- is a 19-horsepower bump to an OCD-pleasing 444 hp. To make sure that extra power actually makes it to the ground in a beneficial manner, the package also includes adaptive suspension and tweaks to the rear differential and stability-control system.

There are plenty of aesthetic upgrades along for the ride, as well. The Competition Package bestows upon your Bimmer 20-inch alloy wheels (from the M4 GTS), additional gloss-black trim and a sport exhaust with black chrome tailpipes. Inside, you get sportier seats and a trick set of seatbelts with BMW's tricolor M stripes stitched right in.

BMW might not know it, but Competition Package is a very apt name for this new group of upgrades. Both of this car's major competitors -- the Cadillac ATS-V and the Mercedes-AMG C63 -- outpower the BMW, so this new package should once again make it competitive, even though it will still lag behind the 469-hp C63 and the 464-hp ATS-V.

Consider it the "keeping up with the competition" package.