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BMW iNext electric SUV set to be revealed next week

BMW Group also has a new Mini set for debut at the same event.

BMW iNext prototype
As well as an all-electric powertrain, the iNext will have Level 3 autonomy.

It's been two years since BMW first showed us its vision for an electric future in the iNext SUV concept. Next week, the automaker will finally show us the real thing. On Monday, BMW announced a debut date for the iNext electric SUV: Nov. 11. Hopefully we get a real name rather than the goofy iNext nomenclature, too.

We're not expecting much else other than a look at the final design for what will become BMW's flagship EV, though we already have a good idea as to what it will look like inside and out. The concept showed off what we lovingly called a bucktooth grille outlined in blue to play up its EV architecture. The rear is far more elegant, with its thin, elongated taillights sweeping from the rear quarter into the back hatch. What looked positively wild in 2018 aged pretty well two years later, at least in my opinion. Not sold on that grille yet, though, BMW.

Inside it will be all about technology as the German automaker aims to flex its tech muscles. A ginormous, curved screen will span the dashboard and provide the place for every single "primary control" input of the car. We could be looking at a life without physical knobs or buttons when it comes to the iNext. BMW really pushed wild gesture controls with the concept's interior, too, so we'll have to see if BMW follows through. And I mean wild: Drawing a circle on the seat's fabric increased your music volume.

We'll likely learn a lot more about the EV next week, but BMW also said we'll see a surprise new Mini vehicle debut as well.

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