BMW i4 electric sedan emerges from the shadows tomorrow

The company previewed the new EV in a teaser image, but we have a good idea of what to expect already.

We'll see it in the metal tomorrow.

BMW built a reputation delivering stunning sedans that performed well and oozed style, and on Wednesday, we'll see the company try to transfer that ethos to an electric sedan when it reveals the i4. The automaker said in a Facebook post Tuesday the i4 will debut via livestream and it attached a shadowy teaser of the car as an appetizer.

We already went hands-on with the i4 concept last March (you know, before the world shut down) so we have a good idea of what to expect from the production car. At the time, BMW told Managing Editor Steve Ewing what we saw then was 85% of the production car. That will almost certainly include the big nose and massive kidney grille, so whether you like it or not, be prepared.

But there's a lot more to the i4 than the questionable face. The car genuinely looks good with great proportions, and the cockpit teased the new iDrive 8 before BMW revealed the ins and outs of the infotainment system earlier this week. As for power, the first i4 sedans will come with an 80-kilowatt-hour battery the company believes will help return a 373-mile range on the European WLTP testing cycle. It's always worth noting European estimates differ hugely from the US, due to the EPA's more realistic testing cycle. Something closer to 300 miles is probably more realistic for Americans.

The car should also sport at least 530 horsepower, and yeah, it'll drift, too. BMW previously said it's not enough for the i4 to go fast in a straight line and promised the BMW handling so many know and love will be fully on display. It also sounded like a fun jab at a certain electric carmaker that rhymes with "Crest-la."

The i4 looked promising in concept form, but we'll see tomorrow if BMW can stick the landing. We'll have all the info on the car then, so stay tuned.