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BMW finally delivers a good-looking 6-series

With the new BMW 650i, CNET finds a car much more attractive than the previous generation, and loaded with technology for driver ease and performance.

BMW 650i
Wayne Cunningham/CNET

BMW's original 6-series earned it the nickname "shark" for its profile, but nobody applied that moniker to the revived 6er from the last decade. BMW designers, forced by regulation to make the trunk lid a certain height, seemed to just sort of give up when it came to the rear of the car.

As a result, the trunk lid looked like a piece merely tacked on to what could have been a nice profile. Maybe BMW's designers were hoping an aftermarket would develop in modded trunk lids. Given the price of the car, the 6 buyer is not typically a modder.

After too many years with the wart-like trunk lid, BMW finally got the design smoothed out. The 2012 BMW 650i came out with a profile much more similar to its oldest ancestor. This long-nosed grand touring coupe had many CNETers remarking on its sharp looks while it sat in our garage.

Beyond the design, the 650i benefits from a juggernaut of BMW technology development. Whether under the hood, in the cabin, or at the wheels, BMW employs technology to improve every aspect of the car.

The driver is treated to one of the best navigation systems available, a spectacular sounding Bang & Olufsen audio system, and even automatic parking. The engine is powerful and efficient, while adaptive suspension and steering lets the car behave like a lapdog or a road-eating beast.

Check out CNET's review of the 2012 BMW 650i.