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BMW expands ReachNow on-demand car sharing to Portland, Oregon

A scheme that allows people to ditch their cars? Sounds right up Portland's alley.

The i3 won't be available right at the program's beginning, but it should be in Portland's fleet later this year.


BMW's ReachNow service allows members to grab a ride from anywhere within its network, with pricing on a per-minute schedule. It proved immensely popular in Seattle -- so much so, in fact, that BMW extended the program up to Portland, Oregon.

The cars can be picked up or dropped off anywhere within ReachNow's "Home Area," which in Portland stretches from Columbia Boulevard to Sellwood Moreland north to south, and Northwest District to 72nd Avenue west to east. The cars can be driven outside that area, but a ride must start or finish within that initial area.

At the start, ReachNow Portland will offer 260 vehicles, split between the BMW 3 Series, Mini Clubman and Mini Hardtop coupe. Later this year, that collection will expand to include the BMW i3 EV and the X1 crossover. In that time, the program will also expand its Home Area to serve additional customers.

Portland residents will be able to waive the $39 lifetime membership fee for a limited time. If they sign up during that promotional period, the drive-time cost will be reduced from 49 cents per minute to 41. Whether promotional or not, the time spent parked will hold steady at 30 cents. Those prices include insurance and fuel, as well as public-meter parking within the Home Area.