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Lennart Preiss, Getty Images

BMW pumps investment capital into Scoop, yet another mobility company

The Scoop app connects drivers and riders to carpool together for a more efficient commute.

If you don't mind not driving, Scoop's a great way to make your commute more efficient than usual.


BMW i Ventures is the automaker's venture capital arm, throwing money at projects that it thinks will help lead the next generation of mobility services. It's already put some money behind RideCell, a company that specializes in logistics software. Now, it's throwing its fiscal weight behind an app called Scoop.

Scoop is a mobile app focused on carpooling. It works with employers and municipalities to offer different mobility options. For example, it'll connect neighbors and coworkers that live near one another, allowing them to pick a driver and carpool around town, all in the name of creating an efficient commute that'll help take a few more cars off the road, cutting down on both traffic and fuel consumption.

Scoop currently exists in California, offering its services in San Francisco, Palo Alto, North San Jose and Sunnyvale. It's very likely that the investment from BMW i Ventures will help the company expand its reach into other major markets, where traffic is still a huge concern.

While BMW didn't mention how much it invested, Scoop's blog points out that its most recent round of funding (which includes BMW's money) netted $5.1 million overall.