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BMW ZeroG Lounger seat is one comfy seat with a cocoonlike airbag

Unlike BMW's fancy self-driving car concept, this is totally going into production in the X7 SUV.

BMW: The Ultimate Comfort Machine.

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It's not all futurism and wild outlooks at CES 2020. No, in fact, German luxury carmaker BMW has something heading to production in the next couple of years on display.

The company calls it the ZeroG Lounger and it's making the case to be seen as the ultimate in comfort. BMW said Tuesday that this seat is slated for reality in the "next few years" and boasts some pretty well-thought-out touches. But first, its main trick: the recline. The ZeroG Lounger can recline either 40 or 60 degrees, but the seatbelt moves with the passenger.

BMW ZeroG Lounger

It'll coddle and protect you.


The belt is integrated into the seat to allow total comfort when reclined back, but engineers didn't stop there when it comes to ensuring safety. In the event of a crash, there's a cocoon-style airbag that deploys to protect the passenger even when reclining. The airbag wraps entirely around you and the seat rail does its best to soak up energy from the impact. It's definitely something I'd like to see in action because it sounds super neat.

When reclined, passengers will get a perfect view of the screen that drops down from the headliner. BMW said the screen, which can show directional information, combined with the seating position can also help reduce motion sickness while driving. Its last party trick? Those riding in the comfy seats can place their phones in a holder to charge the battery at any time.

We have a few more years to wait for the ZeroG Lounger, but so far, it sounds well worth the wait.