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BMW accentuates sport with the 335is

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2011 BMW 335is.

BMW only sells the 335is in coupe form, whereas you can get the 335i as a sedan or convertible. Although a sunroof comes standard, that feature can be deleted.
James Martin/CNET
2011 BMW 335is
James Martin/CNET

People characterize BMW models by their unique handling feel that's comprised of neutral steering and a playful capability to kick the back out. Drive trains aside, the handling engineering is the essence of what BMW fans adore. And the new BMW 335is embodies that essence more than any other car in the model line-up.

To make the 335is, BMW kept the twin turbocharged engine from its outgoing 2010 335i, which was by a twin scroll turbo in the 2011 335i, did some reprogramming, and tuned the suspension for sport. To further differentiate it from the 335i, BMW included a six-speed-manual transmission with lower gear ratios and made its seven speed DCT optional.

We don't expect the 335is to last for too many model years, and it is just the kind of car that will be prized by track day enthusiasts.

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