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BMW teases 2 Series Gran Coupe way ahead of November debut

We'll have to wait until the LA Auto Show to learn all the details.

The roofline looks sharp, and the taillights look pretty fresh, as well.

Now's right about the time when automakers start previewing their debuts for the New York Auto Show in April. But not BMW. It's thinking ahead -- way ahead.

BMW on Wednesday unveiled a teaser for its upcoming 2 Series Gran Coupe. Instead of debuting in New York in a month's time, however, BMW won't pull back the veil on this new vehicle until the LA Auto Show in November. Spring is barely even here, but BMW already has us thinking about the beginning of winter. Lame.

BMW's Gran Coupe lines offer sleeker looks than its similarly sized sedan siblings. Just as the 4 Series Gran Coupe is essentially a swoopier version of the 3 Series, it's not obscene to expect 2 Series sizing with two extra doors and a coupe-like roofline that hides a versatile hatchback.

The most interesting part of the 2 Series Gran Coupe will be its underlying platform. While the 2 Series coupe rides on a rear-wheel-drive architecture, the 2 Series Gran Coupe will rock the same front-wheel-drive underpinnings as the new 1 Series that will also debut later this year. It's unclear if the 1 Series will also come to the US as the 2 Series Gran Coupe will.

While people might be freaking out about the notion of a FWD Bimmer in the US lineup, we already have one. The X2 sDrive28i crossover is also front-wheel drive, but it is also available with AWD, albeit for a little more money. Nevertheless, BMW clearly sees a market for a smaller, more sedan-ish compact in the US, so you'll have until November to build a bridge and get over it.