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Blast from the Past: Pit Fire at Talladega 1987

For today's blog dedicated to scary car fires in auto racing, we have some archival footage of a vehicle up in smoke and flames at an ARCA race in 1987.

Sorry if anyone missed me yesterday, but unfortunately I was bed ridden most of the day with food poisoning. Trust me, it was far from fun or pretty.

Speaking of all things not pretty, this week we've witnessed some of the wildest and scariest car fires in modern racing. However, today we're gonna travel back in time to 1987 at an ARCA event that goes up in smoke.

This footage was shot at the ARCA Permatex 500 at Talladega, Alabama and features racing vet Bill Scott with fire and smoke emanating from his vehicle. ONe crew member is shown going down from close contact, and before the fire gets too out of the control fellow racer Jeff Bodine and other pit crew members manage the extinguish the blaze.