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Blast from the Past: 1979 World Rally Championship

Today's blog in this week's series dedicated to World Rally Championship is a blast from the past: WRC television footage from 1979!

So far this week we've enjoyed World Rally Championship video from the current millennium. I think it's time we took a look at some historic footage from WRC past, 1979 to be exact. As the Beatles would say, "It was 20 years ago today..." (Well, it wasn't 20 years to the date, but I try not to miss a chance to make a silly pop culture reference.)

This Web video appears to be taken from a television broadcast of WRC, with its outdated TV graphics showing the drivers and vehicles. Here we got everything from the Mercedes 450 to the Ford Escort, all vying for the 1979 WRC cup. This compilation features a few different rallies, and we get everything from Datsuns to Fiats racing on gravel, snow and everything in between. I found this video to be a lot of fun, hopefully, you will too.