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Biodiesel purity test

Paradigm Sensors' i-SPEC Q-100 measures biodiesel purity.

i-SPEC Q-100
The i-Spec Q-100 measures analyzes biodiesel fuel. Paradigm Sensors

On one hand, we've heard proponents tout the benefits of biodiesel, and seen lines of diesel cars at a local biodiesel station. On the other, we've heard manufacturers of diesel cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, say that because of the unregulated nature of biodiesel, using anything greater than B5 (five percent biodiesel/95 percent petroleum diesel) will void the vehicle's warranty. Mercedes-Benz thinks that if you buy something, such as Uncle Frank's own biodiesel blend, impurities in the fuel could clog the injectors. Paradigm Sensors is working on a technological solution to this problem and announced the i-Spec Q-100. This handheld device makes it easy to analyze the quality of any biodiesel blend. First, it tells you the percentage of biodiesel to petroleum diesel. It also shows acid and methanol levels. With devices similar to the i-SPEC Q-100 and some real standards for biodiesel purity, automakers should be able to brand their cars as biodiesel compatible.

(Source: AutoblogGreen)