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Bill aims to electrify half of U.S. fleet by 2030

Automotive News reports on a bill from Congress to encourage electric automobile adoption.

Automotive News

WASHINGTON--Millions of electric vehicles that would slash America's dependence on foreign oil and cut carbon emissions would be put on the road under legislation approved by a Senate committee.

The bill would pour nearly $3.9 billion over 10 years into selected communities to build infrastructure to charge electric cars and provide incentives for consumers to buy plug-in vehicles.

It was one of several bills cleared by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that might be folded into a broader energy and climate bill Democrats are struggling to bring to the Senate floor.

The goal is to put the United States on a path to electrify half the country's cars and trucks by 2030, which would cut U.S. demand for oil by about one-third.

(Source: Automotive News)