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Big 'n' sporty: Lexus teases LS 500 F Sport for New York Auto Show

It's built atop the stiffest luxury-car chassis Lexus ever built, so that's a good start.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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The main takeaway from this teaser is that you'll get a nifty little F Sport badge on the trunk.


The Lexus LS has never spawned a true performance rival to its German counterparts, but that doesn't mean the Japanese automaker isn't giving up on the idea of a sporty luxury sedan altogether.

Now that we've seen the new LS flagship luxury sedan in both standard and hybrid trims, it's time to look at something sportier. Lexus will bring the LS 500 F Sport to the New York Auto Show, and it promises "the most engaging LS driving experience yet," although it declined to say how.

My assumption would be some sportier aesthetics by way of aerodynamic add-ons, maybe some racier interior bits and the addition of a sportier driving mode. That latter feature could ramp up the steering weight, increase suspension stiffness and maybe even change the way in which power makes its way to the back wheels.

It's not going to be some stonking rival to the 577-horsepower Mercedes-AMG S63 or anything, but it should stand on its own as the most fun LS model yet unveiled. Perhaps there will be a LS F in the cards eventually, but for now, the LS 500 F Sport will do.

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