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Big Crash, Fire in the Rain

The final installment in my series on the scariest car fires in auto racing, we get this video of a two car collision in the rain that explodes into a ball of fire.

My final web video blog dedicated to some of the scariest car fires in modern auto racing history, we have this video that isn't accompanied by much supplementary information, but it's almost irrelevant - this is one of the baddest crashes in auto racing. The conditions are rainy and misty, and at first we just see a car skid off to the side of the track. But that's just the calm before the storm. As the car just sits there, all of a sudden at the :27 mark another vehicle plows right into the skidded car, resulting in an awe-inspiring fiery explosion the likes of which most have never seen before. I can only hope that no one was seriously injured or worse as a result of this horrendous wreck.