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Best Creeper Seat for 2022

When you're ready to wrench on your car, stay comfortable with a creeper seat.

Emme Hall Former editor for CNET Cars
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Emme Hall
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You wouldn't fix your car without the proper equipment, so why don't you have a creeper seat? Without one, it's going to be much more difficult. It's one of the most essential devices in a mechanic's toolkit. These stools and chairs and help you get to the exact right height you need to be at to finish the job without straining your body. It'll save you a lot of time and muscle pain.

There is a mechanic's creeper seat out there for pretty much everyone, from the heavyset mechanic who needs plenty of storage space to someone looking for a bare-bones mechanic stool that can fit into a tight budget. I've tested plenty of these back-savers, and here are my favorites.

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I like this mechanic's seat for its concave shape, which helps hold your rear in place. The seat is a generous 18x10 inches, can handle 300 pounds and sits about 14 inches from the ground. It has a drawer and two removable gear trays and a total of four cup holders. OK, maybe three of those are for WD-40 and the like, but it's nice to know I could have four Diet Dr. Peppers right there waiting for me.

With a wide 22-inch steel frame, this rolling bench seat is pretty sturdy and the 4-inch rubber caster wheels can swivel on all four corners. Two of them can lock to keep you from rolling on uneven surfaces. The only bummer I can see is that the seat isn't adjustable, but overall this is a great automotive creeper seat with a 5 out of 5 rating on Amazon.


When I finally got a garage I went straight to Harbor Freight and got this cheapie little rolling shop stool. It's got a little tool tray, the padded cushion vinyl seat adjusts from 15 to 20 inches and the nylon wheels with swivel casters roll just fine on my garage floor and concrete driveway. The mechanic's seat can support 300 pounds and swivel 360 degrees so I can easily turn around and take a glance at the latest how-to YouTube video that I inevitably have playing in the background. If you're on a budget it's tough to beat the $30 price.


If you're on a budget but need a little bit more storage, check out the Pro Lift C-3100 adjustable creeper seat. This little rolling stool gives you two small drawers and one large drawer with a compartmentalized tray sitting on top. The padded seat can handle 300 pounds and comes equipped with a pneumatic lift, for an adjustable height from 17-1/8 to 21-5/8 inches. It's made from steel, weighs 27 pounds and features heavy-duty swivel casters. All in all it's a great little garage creeper chair for $80.


When you need it all, look at this seat by Powerbuilt. Yes, it's $230 but you get two storage drawers and a tool tray, a 16-inch wide seat, 500 pounds of weight capacity, a thick padded cushion with backrest and not one but two cup holders. This bad boy is plenty sturdy, coming in at over 37 pounds and has lockable swivel caster wheels for added stability. The only bummer is that the seat height is not adjustable. It sits 18 inches from the floor.

Omega Lift

The Omega 92450 Tool Box Creeper can handle 450 pounds of mechanic and sports a 14-inch wide vinyl-lined seat with thick padding. Made of steel and sitting on 3-inch polyurethane casters that can swivel 360 degrees, this creeper seat should be pretty stable. I also like that there is plenty of storage here, with three drawers and two tool trays. The seat height is not adjustable, but sits about 18 inches off the ground. This creeper seat weighs 28.5 pounds.


This seat can handle up to 400 pounds of weight capacity, but is still adjustable from 13.5 inches to 17.5 inches off the floor. Five-inch polyurethane wheels give it enough ground clearance to roll right over air hoses and the included tool tray spins on its axis for easy access. There's a handle built right into the seat and it weighs just 21 pounds. I dig the cool racing seat, but it's also available with a tractor-style seat as well.


Our very own Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens has used this seat and has this to say, "When I first saw this thing I thought, 'Why would you want drawers in your roller stool? I'm just going to forget and leave tools in there.' Then I undertook a major interior tear-down on my Subaru, requiring repeated access to dozens of different socket and wrenches, and I confess I was somewhat smitten. On bigger jobs, like brake caliper rebuilds or suspension work, having lots of tools close is mighty convenient. And this thing is surprisingly sturdy, too -- other than the chintzy plastic strap and button to hold the side panels. I do have to force myself to empty it back out again after every job, but that's a good habit regardless."


As we pointed out in our roundup of best creepers, the Z Creeper from Pro-Lift can do double duty as a low-profile, lie-flat option or seat. When flat it is 40 inches long, when folded into the Z shape it can act as a creeper chair. Regardless, the Pro Lift can handle 450 pounds of weight capacity. The padding is pretty thick and it features six 3-inch swivel casters. The best part is that no tools are needed to transform from bed to seat. Though you probably have any tools you'd need for that anyway, right?


The storage bin sets this creeper seat apart from the others. More than just a gear tray, it also includes a socket organizer and a cup holder. The 16-inch wide padded seat can handle 350 pounds and overall this steel creeper weighs just under 13 pounds. Sadly, this car creeper seat isn't adjustable but will keep you 17 inches off the ground. Amazon reviewers like the smooth 3-inch casters and say that it's really easy to put together.


You may prefer to work on your car in a kneeling position, but find knee pads cumbersome. A kneeling creeper like this one has padded knee cups for comfort. There is also a bicycle-style seat to rest your keister on and you can snag a separate chest pad to lean on as well. The frame weighs just 8.5 pounds and it incorporates a tool storage tray. This creeper has an 81% 5-star rating from Amazon users, who praise its knee- and back-saving comfort.

Comparison of the best mechanics' creeper seats for 2022

BrandModel Price
Best creeper seat overall PowerbuiltHeavy-duty Roller Mechanics' Seat$95
Best creeper seat overall runner-up MychanicFastback Shop Stool$75
Best cheap creeper seat PittsburghPneumatic Roller Seat$33
Best midrange creeper seat Pro-LiftPneumatic Chair with Dual Tool Tray C-3100$80
Best creeper seat if money is no object PowerbuiltProfessional Roller Seat$230
Best creeper seat for large mechanics OmegaMechanic Creeper Stool$119
Best creeper seat for large mechanics runner-up TraxionProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat 2-700$150
Best creeper seat with storage PittsburghMechanic's Roller Seat With Drawers$80
Best 2-in-1 creeper seat Pro-LiftFoldable Z Creeper C-9100$155
Best kneeling creeper seat RacatacKneeling Sitting Creeper$159
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Creeper seats 101

A creeper seat, also known as a mechanic's chair, is a short stool on wheels that can make working on your car a heck of a lot easier. Many have an adjustable seat height, others keep your butt a set 16 inches or so off the floor. Creeper seats usually have wheels that can spin 360 degrees and some can even lock for added stability. Many creeper seats have drawers, trays and bins for tools and holders for fluids and yes, an adult beverage.

A creeper seat is used for working from the side of a vehicle. Think brake jobs, body work and detailing. If you need to get under the car, check out our list of best mechanic's creepers to keep you rolling while flat.

Things to know before buying a creeper seat

  • From mild to wild: You can grab a creeper seat in almost any price range. You can find a basic seat with swivel casters or a deluxe creeper seat examples with drawers, racks and cup holders, but as with most things, ones with all the bells and whistles can cost you.
  • Comfort and stability: You don't need to sit your hiney on the cold, dirty garage floor. Creeper seats are comfortable and stable, with casters so you can scoot around your car or motorcycle with ease.
  • Adjustability: If you're really tall or short, be sure to grab a creeper seat with an adjustable seat height.
  • Storage: For folks who are a little absent-minded, a creeper seat with drawer or tray storage is a must. You'll misplace your tools less often if you have a convenient place to lay them while you're working on your ride.
  • Weight ratings: If you're heavyset it's still likely you can find a creeper seat with a proper weight capacity rating.

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