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Best Car Cleaning Kit for 2022

Don't buy car cleaning products individually -- bundle them and save some cash. Here are our top picks for the best kits available.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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$120 at Amazon
Chemical Guys 14-Piece Arsenal
Chemical Guys 14-piece Arsenal
Best car cleaning kit overall
$98 at Amazon
Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit
Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit
Best car cleaning kit overall runner-up
$31 at Amazon
Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items)
Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items)
Best cheap car cleaning kit
$129 at Amazon
Adam's Arsenal Builder 21 Item Car Wash Kit
Adam's Arsenal Builder 21-item car wash kit
Best car cleaning kit if money is no object
$8 at Amazon
HMPLL 10-piece Auto Car Detailing Brush Set
HMPLL 10-piece auto care detailing brush set
Best interior car cleaning kit
$35 at Amazon
Autodeco 25-piece car wash set
Autodeco 25-piece car wash cleaning tools set
Best exterior car cleaning kit

It doesn't take long for your car to get dirty, especially if you have kids or pets, which is why it's a good idea to have your own car cleaning kit on hand. After all, you're already spending quite a bit on your vehicle between insurance, gas and maintenance, so why not save a few bucks and avoid paying someone else to clean your car? To get the job done right, you'll need some essentials, like car wash soap, wash mitts, spongeswax, microfiber towels, tools and lots of other accessories. Buying each piece individually can get expensive in a hurry, which is why there are car cleaning kits available. Companies bundle up everything you need into one nice, cost-saving package.

Below you'll find the best car cleaning kits for this year. They pack everything we'd want to clean our cars thoroughly and leave no chance of dirt and grime sticking around. When you're shopping for a car cleaning kit, keep in mind your specific needs and buy the right car care kit for you, one that includes everything you want for keeping your car in pristine condition.

Comparison: The best car cleaning kits for 2022

Best car cleaning kit BrandNamePrice
Best car cleaning kit overall Chemical Guys14-piece Arsenal$110
Best car cleaning kit overall runner-up Meguiar'sComplete Car Care Kit$133
Best cheap car cleaning kit Armor AllPremier Car Care Kit$40
Best car cleaning kit if money is no object Adam's21-Item Car Wash Kit$117
Best interior car cleaning kit HMPLL10-piece Auto Care Detailing Brush Set$10
Best exterior car cleaning kit Autodeco25-piece Car Wash Cleaning Tool Set$35

General car cleaning tips

  • Use a two-bucket wash method: You should use one car wash bucket for your water and car wash soap, and another with only water to rinse your sponge or wash mitt out. This keeps dirt and debris away from the soap bucket and lessens the chance you put that dirt back on your car's paintwork while washing.
  • Wash in the shade: It may not be possible but try to keep your car out of direct sunlight while washing. Water spots can be a real annoyance when heat bakes water onto your car's paint.
  • Clean interior windows first: When it comes to detailing the inside of a car, do the windows first with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. If you get overspray from an interior detailer product on the dashboard, it's alright. You still have to dress it anyway. You'll save yourself from doubling back later.
  • A little goes a long way: With really any cleaning product, you don't need to use copious amounts. Make sure you check a product for proper instructions, but you typically don't need gobs of car shampoo, liquid wax, wheel cleaner, interior cleaning product or whatever car cleaning product you're using to vanquish grime.

Dive into car cleaning with these top picks

Whether you're looking to resupply or get into the world of car cleaning and detailing, the cleaning supplies found in these car care kits will help you achieve a spotless car.

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