Bentley's Flying Spur W12 S delivers torque with a side of opulence

It's also the first Bentley sedan to eclipse the 200-mph mark.

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The Flying Spur W12 S may be Bentley's middle child -- it's a sedan variant of the Continental GT coupe, with a cost and equipment loadout below that of the range-topping Mulsanne. But its all-new flagship trim proves that it's still getting plenty of love.

This sedan is all about that power, baby. It comes fitted with a W12 engine (the cylinders are arranged in a W, instead of the traditional V), which puts out 626 horsepower and 605 pound-feet of torque, bumps of 10 and 15 over the standard W12, respectively. 60 mph arrives in 4.2 seconds, and it will haul ass all the way to 202 mph, making it the first four-door Bentley to break the 200-mph barrier.

To show off its sinister new power plant, Bentley's decked the W12 S out with all manner of blacked-out styling bits. The grille, lights and wheels are all tinted black, as is the rear diffuser, and there's even an optional carbon fiber veneer to bring some of that sporty look to the inside.

Being a Bentley, there's no chance the interior isn't positively opulent. The W12 S features a new "engine-spin" finish, and there are W12 S emblems in the headrests and on the sill plates. The steering wheel is sportier looking, and the stitching is unique to the W12 S. Of course, if you want something different, all you need to do is hand Bentley a boatload of money and it'll do whatever you want, more or less.

Naturally, Bentley didn't include a price with its announcement. It's fair to say that the W12 S will cost a bit more than the regular W12 model, which starts at about $225,000. Deliveries start at the end of this year.

The W12 S is the 200-mph flagship of Bentley's Flying Spur lineup

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