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Bentley promises a Grand summer

Bentley releases a new car this summer, calling it the Grand Bentley in its marketing materials.


Bentley teases a new car today, the Grand Bentley, set to debut this summer. Details are few, with a short video showing the bonnet and ornament. But judging from the name, which we assume isn't the actual model designation, and the visuals, it looks like Bentley will encroach on Rolls-Royce territory. Both brands sit at the top of British automotive luxury (even if both are owned by German companies), but Bentley has focused on speed where Rolls-Royce embodies stately elegance. Cars from Bentley, such as the Continental and Flying Spur, show sporting cues in their body work, with an aerodynamic curve from hood to grille, but the Grand Bentley hood shows a sharper drop-off, suggesting a more prominent grille. All we can really surmise is that it will get the Naim audio system Bentley began offering last year.

The summer debut is interesting, as it coincides with the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance celebration of Bentley's 90th anniversary. Could Pebble Beach be the setting for the Grand Bentley's unveiling?