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Bentley design boss teases upcoming electric flagship

Stefan Sielaff waxes enthusiastic about Bentley's future electric car plans and leaves us to wonder what it might look like.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

Because everyone ever is making plans to build fully electric cars, Bentley has announced its plans to build an electric flagship vehicle using technology from Porsche's Mission E electric sports-GT.

"The next step for sure is an electric, unique Bentley that isn't based on an existing car but a completely fresh and new development, with electric propulsion and obviously different proportions following the function," Stefan Sielaff, design director for Bentley, said in an interview with Auto Express.

The proposed electric flagship would skew more Bentayga than Continental.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

He went on to say that he envisions the vehicle as being roomy enough for four or five people with plenty of room for luggage. This sounds like some kind of electric Bentayga situation, but if it ended up being more along the lines of a Continental GT shooting brake, you wouldn't hear us complaining.

"I think we need to make sure that this family member is obviously new, and not imitating another concept we have already in the portfolio. But definitely more than two seats; that's something I am convinced of."

In reality, it will likely end up being a four-door coupe kind of like the Audi A7, Porsche Panamera or Kia Stinger, which is cool, but not Ferrari FF cool, you know?

"I think we have to definitely adapt the proportions to the technical demands, and make a new statement," Sielaff said. "But nevertheless this is then the fine art of doing all this. It has to be at first glimpse a Bentley."