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Keep your jewels secure in Bentley's new biometric storage bin

Aluminum storage bin with fingerprint recognition now available for the Bentayga SUV.

Bentley Bentayga storage by Mulliner

"Whether it's the ring you inherited from your mother or those sunglasses you can't buy anymore, we all have items of value that we sometimes need to leave in the car." Ain't that the truth. Sometimes I nervously leave my prized Jawbreaker CDs just sitting there on the passenger seat. Thankfully, Bentley has a solution.

The ultra-luxury automaker now offers a biometric storage bin for the Bentayga SUV. It's constructed from aluminum and uses fingerprint recognition technology to provide secure stowage of all your valuables.

Designed by Bentley's "personal commissioning division," Mulliner, the storage bin takes up space in the Bentayga's center console, hidden underneath the arm rest. The inside is lined with a rubber mat featuring Bentley's diamond pattern, and there are two USB ports and an aux outlet, both of which are connected to the Bentayga's infotainment system.

The touchpad has 360-degree capability, meaning your finger doesn't have to be facing a specific direction in order for it to read your print.


A 360-degree capacitive fingerprint reader is housed inside a chrome, Mulliner-branded bezel on the bin's lid. An LED light shines white when the system is on and operative, and changes to green when an approved fingerprint is recognized, or red if an unfamiliar finger dare grace said touchpad. Bentley says multiple fingerprints can be stored in the system, meaning other authorized friends and family members can also utilize the bin. The car's ignition must be switched on in order to operate the storage bin, and should the whole system fail, a key-operated lock is located under a rubber seal on the lid. You know, just in case.

Of course, none of this will protect the $160,000 Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling clock nestled in your Bentayga's dashboard.

Assuming you can already afford the $229,000 asking price of a Bentayga, you've probably got some expensive stuff in tow when you're on the go. The biometric storage bin seems like a smart solution to us, no matter if it's grandpa's watch you're worried about, or just your favorite pair of shades.