Are you a rich falconry enthusiast? This Bentley Bentayga is for you

I guess you could cart some pigeons around in it, too, but that wouldn't be as fun.

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Falconry can trace its roots back to the beginnings of human civilization. The Bentley Bentayga can trace its roots back to the 2016 model year. Mix the two together, and you have an opulent way to hang out with some scary looking birds.

The Bentley Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner is the ultimate car for the well-heeled falconry enthusiast. Built by Bentley's in-house bespoke division, Mulliner, this sport utility vehicle is loaded to the brim with unique touches that look as expensive as they undoubtedly are.

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As a person who doesn't practice falconry, this picture gives me all sorts of anxiety.


The cargo area has been filled to the brim with falconry equipment, tucked away in two natural cork fabric-trimmed boxes. One houses refreshments, while the other sports veneer drawers with a saker falcon crest meant for housing... whatever equipment a falconer uses. Apparently, that includes a GPS bird tracker, binoculars, bird hoods and gauntlets. The side of the trunk has space for not one, but two separate falcon perches.

If you're not familiar with the saker falcon, it's a hunting bird that remains highly desirable. That demand is reflected in its price, with some saker falcons being sold for $1,000,000. By that measure, the Bentayga is downright affordable.

There's another transportation perch inside the Bentayga, because leaving a falcon in the trunk is considered a dick move in bird culture. The veneer in front of the passenger features a desert scene that comprises 430 individual pieces of wood from across the globe. That piece alone takes nine days to complete. The Bentayga Falconry also features two materials for the first time in any Bentley -- the aforementioned natural cork fabric and Hotspur hide.

Bentley didn't mention the price, but considering the "base" Bentayga starts around $229,000, it should go without saying that this level of additional craftsmanship will make an expensive Bentayga even more expensive. But if you really love your falcon, you're not about to make it ride around in a Toyota Land Cruiser, are you?

This Bentley Bentayga is for all the rich falconers out there

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