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Bentley Bentayga Bengala is the Bentley 4x4 Squared we never knew we wanted

The Bentayga does OK off-road in stock form, but this modified version wants to take it further into the wilds.

This thing isn't exactly subtle, but who spends high six figures on a "subtle" SUV?

Have you found yourself staring at pictures of Bentley's Bentayga SUV and wondering what it would look like if that vehicle had a wine-fueled weekend-long tryst in Santa Barbara with the Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared and the result was another new SUV?

Yeah, us neither. However, someone clearly has because a company in Spain is building it. It's called the Bengala Bentayga, and it's weird and awful and also kind of wonderful in a "Some men just want to watch the world burn" sort of way.

So, what goes into making a Bengala Bentayga? The basic recipe starts with a Bentayga (obvs) and then slaps some massive and wide off-road tires and wheels on it. They're almost like those Icelandic trucks that Top Gear took to the North Pole. Then Bengala slaps some big carbon fiber fender flares on for good measure.

The company also claims that it totally reworked the suspension, but makes no mention of what precisely it changed, though based on the company's renderings, it's at least lifted relatively significantly. When Mercedes gave the old G-Wagen this treatment, it used crazy portal axles to provide a good chunk of the lift, but those old G-Wagens were slightly more "agricultural" than your average Bentayga, so it's unclear how it would work in this case.

Classy, right?


Next, it slaps a few off-road light bars and a mahooooosive steel bull bar on the front and calls it good. The company says that it's building 15 of these things and that aside from the wheels/tires/suspension package, the whole thing is entirely customizable to its new owner's (lack of) taste.

No mention is made of price, but we'd bet on it being eye-wateringly high since these are low-volume customs offering bespoke customization on an already near-$300,000 SUV.

Bengala, we'd like to be among the first to submit our candidacy to drive one. Get at us, seriously.