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Your ostentatious wearable can now control your ostentatious super-luxury SUV

Thankfully, Bentley won't charge you for its new Bentayga Apple Watch app after dropping $229,000 on the ute itself.

Nick Dimbleby

When you're seated in the back seat of Bentley's uber-plush Bentayga, being driven from meeting to meeting, don't you just hate having to ask your driver to turn down the heat? Ignoring the fact that you can control those things from the back seat already, Bentley will let you control your Bentayga from your Apple Watch.

Provided you've dropped the requisite six figures on the Bentayga and five figures on that gold Apple Watch Edition (it'll work on all Watch products, but why pretend you're a pleb?), you can download the Bentayga app and control several vehicle features, including climate control, entertainment and seat massagers.

You can also receive information on other things, including outside temperature, vehicle speed and distance traveled. All you need to do is sync your Watch with the vehicle's built-in touchscreen system, and you'll have a direct Bluetooth connection to the Bentayga.

Since the connection uses Bluetooth, you'll have to remain in close proximity to the vehicle for this app to function, even though that rear-seat touchscreen -- which, again, you have to use to activate the Watch app -- does nearly exactly the same thing, and the screen is much larger.