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Beastly diesels and sensible sedans: Our week on Instagram

Until every single one of you follows us on Instagram, this is your weekend dose of catching up on all our activities from the past week.

Another week, another mishmash of schedules split between editors all around the world. The teams at Roadshow and Carfection are once again a bunch of busy bees this week, flitting from flower to flower, from vehicle launch to spirited jaunt. If you don't follow either group of us on Instagram, perhaps this will entice you.

Carfection spent this week getting up close and personal with Audi's new SQ7 TDI, a monstrous diesel crossover-cum-station-wagon that will giddyup up to 60 mph faster than most passenger sedans. In celebration of the release of Carfection's VW Golf video, they also trotted out some pics of everyone's favorite hot hatch.

Roadshow's been pretty darn busy, too. We've spent time with a Lamborghini, the new Honda Ridgeline, Cadillac's excellent ATS-V, the new Ford Escape and a whole host of other cars. Chris Paukert, the lucky bastard that he is, is embedded with One Lap of America this week. If I talk about that any more, I'm just going to get angrier and more jealous.