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Batty idea? A porch light for your door handles

Automotive News reports on a new puddle light from Magna.

Automotive News
Magna puddle light
Magna's light can project a logo--like the famous Bat Signal. Magna

Remember the Bat Signal? Your car could have one soon. But it's not for summoning the Caped Crusader. It's to light the ground outside your vehicle.

Supplier Magna International has developed small LED lights that go under exterior door handles, angled to show what you're about to step into. An added bonus: the lights can project a logo onto the ground.

Magna doesn't have a customer yet but expects the lights to appear on a 2012 vehicle--with or without brand logos. Think of the aftermarket possibilities: eventually, parking lot grounds at night could be as logo-laden as a Nascar racer.

(Source: Automotive News)