Battle of the urban robots

Teams in pursuit of top prize in DARPA bot showdown set their creations loose on a 60-mile city course.

Teams in pursuit of the top prize in DARPA's Urban Grand Challenge set their creations loose on a 60-mile city course at the former George Air Force Base.

DARPA's Urban Challenge's competitive drama seeds the idea in people's minds that self-driving cars are possible.
November 5, 2007

Carnegie Mellon wins $2 million in urban robot race

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awards $1 million to second-place Stanford and $500,000 to third-place Virginia Tech.
November 3, 2007

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency raises the green flag on 11 driverless cars.
November 5, 2007

CNET checks out the scene before the race begins and as the cars take off.
November 5, 2007

Surprise disqualifiers and some mishaps lead to an interesting race. CNET also speaks with Carnegie Mellon about the tech in its crowd-favored vehicle.
November 5, 2007

In the final hours, CNET talks with a stunt car driver on the track, as well as those in the crowd eagerly anticipating the finish.
November 5, 2007

Stanford, Carnegie Mellon robots cross the finish line

Three teams finish DARPA's Urban Challenge, but a winner won't be named until Sunday.
November 3, 2007

Robots drop fast in driverless car race

At the DARPA Urban Challenge, eight driverless cars among 11 finish the urban course in six hours.
November 3, 2007

Robot race at the starting gate

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency raises the flag on its $3.5 million robot race.
November 3, 2007

As director of the U.S. government's research and development arm, Tony Tether hopes today's races will attract tomorrow's engineers and scientists.
October 18, 2007

After a two-year break since its last robot race, DARPA will kick off the semifinals of its Urban Grand Challenge later this month.
October 4, 2007

In a race of driverless vehicles--and especially in collisions between them--size matters.
September 25, 2007

Team Caltech's "Alice," will compete in the semifinal round of DARPA's race of driverless vehicles on mock city streets.
September 25, 2007
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