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Back to the Future's Doc Brown spotted in Argentinian ad

Heads up, movie fans. Doc Brown and his legendary Delorean DMC-12 have come back to the future, or the present, from the past or something.


Heads up, movie fans. Doc Brown and his legendary DeLorean DMC-12 have come back to the future -- or the present -- from the past. Or something. 

This time, the wire-haired eccentric's mission isn't to con Libyans out of plutonium. Instead, he's crossed the boundaries of time to flog gadgets for an Argentinian electronics store. Great Scott!

Brown, played by actor Christopher Lloyd, was spotted by Autoblog Argentina starring in what appears to be the first entry in a viral video campaign for Garbarino, a kind of South American Dixon's. Starring alongside him is, by all accounts, one of the original DeLorean DMC-12s used in the movie.

The driving sequences were actually shot using a heavily modified Toyota Celica, but the old girl was used in close-ups, and by golly it's good to see her back.

The video spot begins with a young man filming his lady friend on a mobile phone. Before long, a DeLorean rips through the fabric of time, hurtles along the street at 88mph and squeals to a halt in the open tech shop. The young couple hot-foot it over to the car where they find Doc clambering out before asking, in his customary wild-eyed manner, "Great Scott! What year is this?!"

The video, which you can see below, ends at this point, presumably because Garbarino intends to release subsequent ads that pick up where this one left off. 

Autoblog Argentina has also revealed a behind the scenes video that shows the making of the BTTF tribute. In it, we can clearly see the DeLorean's Celica stunt double being driven back and forth along the street and into the store. A third video, shot from the point of view of the Garbarino's CCTV camera, shows another angle of the action.

Have a gander at the footage below to see it for yourself.