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Baby bump: Tesla brings 75-kWh battery to Model S

As with several other new additions, this battery first appeared on the Model X SUV before coming to the sedan.


Tesla knows that sharing is caring. In fact, several elements first seen on the Model X, including a grille-free face and that bioweapon-mitigating HEPA filter, have eventually made it down to Tesla's other vehicle, the Model S sedan. Now, it appears that a new battery configuration will be joining the migration.

Electrek first noted that the California Air Resource Board website included certification for a Tesla model that didn't yet exist -- the Model S 75D. A quick email to Tesla spokeswoman Khobi Brooklyn confirmed that Tesla will, in fact, introduce a 75-kWh battery to its Model S, and that orders begin at the end of this week.

The 75-kWh battery will be available in both rear-wheel- and all-wheel-drive variants. However, whereas the 75 replaced the 70 in the Model X lineup, Tesla will offer both batteries for Model S. According to the automaker, it's a $3,000 upgrade over the base Model S 70, which starts at $71,500.

Next thing you know, the Model S will come with falcon doors and a gargantuan front windshield. Although, on second thought, perhaps that's not the best idea.