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Ayrton Senna Institute whips up inspirational video for Brazilian Olympians

The athletes might not relate to gearbox failure, but they definitely relate to the idea of pushing themselves to the limit.

There's perhaps no better individual to personify Brazilian athleticism than Ayrton Senna. The racecar driver known around the world for his efforts in Formula 1 is a legend in his home country, and the institute that bears his name is using one of his most important achievements to inspire the athletes competing in Rio.

The Instituto Ayrton Senna, a non-governmental organization founded after his untimely death, teamed up with JWT and Le Cube to create a video for Brazilian Olympians. It uses Senna quotes from the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix to tell the country's athletes that nothing feels better than winning at home.

The 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix was Senna's first victory at home. Beset with driving rain and suffering a gearbox failure, Senna still managed to win by 2.9 seconds. He was so exhausted, he had to be removed from the car and driven up to the podium.

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