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Avera Motors changes name to Rivian Automotive

Florida automaker Avera announces a company name change to Rivian Automotive.


Florida's Avera Motors announced March 10 that it was changing its name to Rivian Automotive. Company CEO R.J. Scaringe blogged about the name change, saying that the new name "pays homage, in part, to the Indian River Lagoon," which is near the automaker's Rockledge, Fla., facility.

The new name saves the company from a costly trademark infringement lawsuit from Hyundai over the use of the Avera name. The South Korean automaker claimed Avera was too similar to the company's Azera nameplate.

In October 2010, Rivian teased with the release of a photo of a cloaked concept vehicle that it claims will have "supercarlike handling and aggressive looks" and also be affordable and more fuel-efficient than a Prius.