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Automotive ads reign in AdBowl

A roundup of the top automotive commercials on


Long after the big game ends and Green Bay Coach Mike McCarthy washes off the Gatorade, blogs and the Twitterverse are still sorting out the Super Bowl commercial winners and losers. But according to AdBowl, it looks like Volkswagen will take the trophy for its Darth Vader ad.

AdBowl, which has run an online voting competition since 2002, shows Volkswagen's "The Force" commercial still holding first place in the Top 10 Overall category, with an average rating of 4.37 (out of a 5-point scale with 1 being a "fumble" and five being a "touchdown") from more than 11,000 users. While votes are still being tallied and its scoring changes slightly, it's securely held the top spot in almost all demographics. Only younger viewers, who favored Doritos' house sitting commercial, ranked the ad second place.

In fact, automotive-related ads dominated the night; also in AdBowl's Top 10 Overall is Bridgestone's "Carma" (second) and Volkswagen's "Black Beetle" (fifth place). Chrysler's "Motor City" ad featuring Eminem and urban decay climbed to sixth place in AdBowl. However, several people on Twitter called out the carmaker for using the new 200 rather than the beefier 300, which is made in Canada. And one commenter quipped that he hopes "Imported from Detroit" doesn't become a term of derision.

Bridgestone's "Carma" and "Reply All" ad also made the Top 10. However, General Motors' "Chevy runs deep" campaign produced mixed results. And its ad demonstrating the next-generation OnStar reading your Facebook news feed seemed to be a fumble. Many users on Twitter found the ad stalkerish and the technology dangerous. But I'm sure that's not going to stop the feature from being extremely popular for drivers stuck in traffic.

Regardless if the ads were successes or fails, they got people talking about a sector that was still flailing a few months ago. Last year there were only three automotive-related ads in AdBowl's Top 10 Overall winners. Of course, because of bankruptcy filings and weak consumer demand, there were also a lot fewer automotive ads in the running. And unlike the actual football game, at least you can have your say on who's the winner.