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Automobili Pininfarina dropped another teaser of its PF0 electric hypercar

The PF0 is being designed by Pininfarina and engineered in cooperation with Rimac.


Our best look yet at the forthcoming 2,000 horsepower electric PF0 from Automobili Pininfarina.

Automobili Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina teased its first all-electric hypercar -- dubbed PF0 -- back in August during Monterey's Car Week. Now, it's giving us more detail along with the news that it has invested 20 million Euros in a partnership with Pininfarina as part of an announcement that it made on Tuesday.

As a refresher, the PF0 is a 2,000 horsepower battery electric grand touring hypercar that is being designed by Pininfarina and engineered in cooperation with the Croatian electric car geniuses at Rimac. It aims to debut to the public fully at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and go into production in 2020.

"It is a pleasure and a privilege to partner with the world's greatest car design house, Pininfarina SpA," said Michael Perschke, CEO, Automobili Pininfarina, in a statement. "For Automobili Pininfarina, it will form the cornerstone of our ambition to become the world's most admired luxury electric vehicle company."

Automobili Pininfarina has already begun showing off the PF0 prototype to potential customers and dealers in Europe, well ahead of its scheduled debut.