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Automatic Labs

Automatic driving monitor debuts Web dashboard

View your captured driving data in your browser with Automatic's new Web dashboard.

Drivers can now view their Automatic data on the big screen. Automatic Labs

Automatic Labs is making it easier to dig into the piles of data collected by its Smart Driving Monitor app and hardware with the launch of the Automatic Web Dashboard.

While the smartphone app still does a good job of distilling your driving data down to a few simple metrics and a 0-100 Drive Score, the new Web Dashboard spreads that information out on the larger canvas of your computer's browser window and helps drivers to spot patterns in their driving habits with historical graphs of fuel economy, trip cost, and other factors. The website also features larger maps and customizable filters.

Automatic Labs

Drivers can sort by vehicle (if tracking multiple cars with Automatic monitors) and organize by trip length, duration, cost, or time of day. Serious data nerds can even export their trip data into a CSV file for even more in-depth analysis in third-party software or expense reporting. Automatic users (and potential buyers) can get a look at the Web Dashboard on Automatic's website.

The Automatic smartphone app and Web Dashboard require the $99.99 Automatic Link OBD-II hardware, but require no monthly or annual subscription fees for access to the data.