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Automakers market with wacky USB drives

At CNET Car Tech, we receive a variety of interestingly shaped USB drives. Here's a sampling.

Mercedes-Benz USB drive
This USB drive from Mercedes-Benz is shaped like a car key, and holds information and photos about the new E-class. Josh Miller/CNET

As a bit of Friday fun, we gathered up the most unique USB flash drive press kits we've seen from automakers to date. These kits range from diverse brands--Bentley, Ferrari, Kia, and Toyota, among others, and with a sidestep to Caterpillar. Typically they hold photos and documents about a particular car, or sometimes the automakers' entire lineup, and are handed out during the press days at auto shows. Your typical automotive journalist will have a drawer full of these drives.

While many of the drives we receive are fairly standard, some are instances of marketing genius. The most interesting of these drives try to say something about the car they represent, such as the bamboo drive for the Lexus HS, or the key replica for the Mercedes-Benz.

Check out these USB drive press kits from automakers.